Cooking Class in Fez

Our Fez Cooking Class in Fez start in the morning. At an already appointed time, our professional driver will pick you up from your accommodation. Then, we will begin our experience in learning more about the Moroccan culinary culture while getting to know more about local life.
Love and locally and nationally grown ingredients are the main components of every Moroccan dish. Therefore, the first step in this informative day is diving into the souk to buy all the necessary ingredients to prepare our own meal. The chef had already given us a list of all the ingredients we need. Then we will meet him/ her in one of the kitchens where the magic happens. The cook will present us the ingredients and the mystic touch they put on the meal. He/ She will also unveil to us most of the mysteries that surround the making of Moroccan dishes. With the chef, we will discover the special techniques of the Moroccan cuisine. The special spices such as Ras El Hanout, Ginger, and Cinnamon are the pillars of most dishes in Moroccan culinary art.
During this cooking class, we will discuss the dish we want to cook if we have any preferences. The options are so varied such as all types of Tagines. Then the cook will give us a hint of the easiest and the one that takes more time. We will notice the passion that the cook holds toward the job and his/ her patience in the way he/she prepares while explaining the dish. He/she will also give us a chance to help if we want. When the dish is ready, we will gather around a table in a friendly, family-like, and warm atmosphere to enjoy our homemade lunch.
This tour offers us the excellent opportunity through this cooking class to discover ancient recipes. They are handed from generation to generation for their health benefits and healing powers. Do not hesitate and join us on this outstanding experience in order to uncover the mystics of the Moroccan culture and its culinary art for a delightful and enriching holiday.

  • Transportation (air-conditioned vehicle)
  • Pick up hotel/riad
  • Drop-off point hotel/riad
  • Professional driver
  • Mineral water
  • Entrance fees to historical sites.