Fez handicraft Tour

Our private informative day in Fez’ handicraft’s Art starts by meeting our professional driver in the lobby of your accommodation at an already appointed time. Fez is the capital of handicrafts in Morocco, it was also the capital of trade in North Africa, founded in the 8th century and home to the oldest university in the world and remains in touch with its traditional roots. The old city of Fez takes you back in time! It is the world’s largest car-free urban space as well as a UNESCO world heritage site. As we walk through it, we are literally walking through 1,300 years of Moroccan heritage. This tour focuses on the artistic side of artisans, traders, as well as leather workers.
Our first stop in Fez Handicraft Day Tour includes Souk Lihoud, or the Jewish Market. It is rich of verities of carpets, woodcrafts, and leather works covering all tastes. Several kinds of handicrafts artists such as Black smiths and carpenters do their business here. They have back stores where they do the handwork; in the front, they sell it. This style of work is not changed since the construction of the Medina in the 8th century. They speak the immortal and artistic spirit of Fez and its livelihood through symbols and stunning designs and communicate hidden mystical messages through the patterns of their carpets.
Our next stop will be in Seffarine square. One may wonder why these silver workers do their loud work near the University of Al Quaraouiyin, whereas the university is designed to escape the noisy Medina. The artisans use a rhythmic hammering in their work; they plunge deep into their work using the hammering as meditational pulses. In all over Morocco, they are famous by their high quality teapots, chisel trays, jars, tagine pots, and may other pottery objects. After this beautiful entrancing experience, we will visit the Batha Museum with its rich collection of Moroccan arts and crafts that narrate stories revealed by the arty spirit of Fez.. The historical artefacts collected in this Museum are woodcarvings, mosaic patterns, wooden arts, musical instruments, and ancient boxes. This museum is opened in 1998 to record the development of the Fassi art.
During this tour, we will also visit the Tannery and Ceramic Pottery School. The Tannery is the oldest and the biggest in Africa dating back to the 9th century. The techniques used to wash the leather and prepare it is sustained over generations of artists. They prove a high standard of leather quality by effectively coloring it using bio products. They also manufacture all kinds of leather products such as leather jackets, coats, shoes, and bags. The ceramic pottery school will impress us by the high work ethics the workers manifest. One can notice the passion they have toward this inherited art. Traditional mosaics and Zelije is made and taught in this school for generations past and many others to come. One of the teachers will pay us a close attention teaching us the basics of this art and how to use the manual wheel and brush to make our first ceramic pottery in Fez. He will also show a great patience in explaining gradually the process of making these pots. His love and passion for this art is contagious, which will make us fall in love with this art for its simplicity.
This tour will help us uncover the delightful mystics of Morocco. This charming city will not cease fascinating us with the beauty of it ceramics and mosaics. We will discover the wonders and passions of the people of this city meeting us with some of the known artists that maintain its beauty. Do not hesitate and join us for an informative trip of Fez, learn how the colorful artworks are made, and benefit from a precious opportunity this tour offers and opens the gates toward more understanding of the Moroccan spirit of arts and crafts.

  • Transportation (air-conditioned vehicle)
  • Pick up hotel/riad
  • Drop-off point hotel/riad
  • Professional driver
  • Mineral water
  • Entrance fees to historical sites.